I was booking a flight when the fare suddenly increased, why?
Airfares are normally dependent on the demand and supply of tickets and are usually updated on a real-time basis. In the time lag between your initial flight search and the actual booking, the seat inventory in a particular class may sell out. Airlines then offer their reserve seats at a higher price. These changes are closely monitored, and we always make every possible effort to keep the inventory and fares on our website as current as possible.

Can I request a special meal during the flight?
In most cases, you would get the option to place a meal request when you book tickets online or you can call up the airline directly. Most of the airlines these days charge for in-flight meals or do not offer free meal service at all. Therefore special requests for meals must be placed at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Please be informed that these kinds of requests are usually not guaranteed and depend on the airline's discretion.

Is the value of the fare guaranteed?
All airfares are liable to changes without earlier notification and won't be ensured until payment has been completely received and tickets have been given out. In the impossible case of a specialized issue causing an inaccurate passage being shown, we hold the option to prompt you about the right charge inside three business days after you have made your booking. You may select to acknowledge a new toll or can drop your booking as well. You can read in-depth information about the same in the Terms and Conditions agreement.

Are we allowed to make any changes to the ticket once it has been booked?
Name changes are typically not allowed. Please check the exactness of all data before booking a ticket. It is exclusively your obligation to ensure the exactness of the data provided. To avoid any mistake, it is recommended that the travelers' names and ages have been coordinated and double-checked against the passport data at the hour of booking.

Does the listed airfare include tax?
Yes, all flight fares listed on our website include taxes and airline/airport fees associated with the ticket price. The ticket price includes base airfare and applicable taxes.

Can I book a journey with a stopover?
Yes, you can. Many airlines allow stopover(s). Get in touch with us for more detailed info about the same.


Does making changes to an airline ticket entail a fee?
Yes, a few penalties may apply, including:

  • Additional penalties that the airline imposes
  • Additional charges if the new ticket has a higher fare
  • TravelReImagine service fee for making the changes on your behalf
  • Please be informed that some airlines may not allow any changes whatsoever even with a fee

How can I find out the difference between a paper ticket and an e-ticket booked over the internet?
You will be informed whether you are getting an e-ticket or a paper ticket at the hour of booking. In any case, if the type of your ticket changes because of some special reasons, we will inform you inside 24 hours of your booking. In the case of carriers that don't have tagging arrangements, we should give a paper ticket. In this example, an email will be sent to you, telling you about the ticket issued type.

When can my reservation be confirmed?
Reservations can be confirmed 72 hours before the scheduled departure of the intended flight.

Can I add more passengers to an existing ticket booking?
You cannot add any additional passengers to the existing ticket. You would need to make a new reservation with no guarantee of fares being the same as your original fares.


If I have to change flights, then what would happen to my baggage?
In the event that you are intending to change planes and the airline that you are flying with offers a luggage accord, your belongings will be checked all through to your last destination. On the off chance that the carriers you are flying with don't have a luggage accord, it'll be your obligation to go to the Baggage carousel area at the next air terminal where you would be changing planes and guarantee things there. You should then check the baggage again for proceeding with the flight and have bags checked at the last destination.

What all documents will I need to travel with?
The requirement for documents will change depending on the city you would take-off from, the one you are making a trip to, at which place you change planes and under what nation your identification has been given.

To address this inquiry in the correct manner, you should call the airlines you are flying with and send them all the important data. They at that point will disclose to you whether you need a visa, identification or any further documentation. If it's not too much trouble note here that this data is exclusively your obligation. Neither TravelReImagine nor the airlines can be considered as responsible on the off chance that you show up at the air terminal with lacking/invalid travel documents for recognizable proof. It is likewise crucial to take note that in the event of you not having legitimate or adequate document(s), the airlines can deny you from boarding and you could be left to arrange some other method of transportation at your own expense.

What are the different classes of travel on the plane?
Economy class seating can be found in all planes. Notwithstanding them numerous flights additionally offer Business seating and First-class seating, and their depictions can be referenced as under:

Economy class seating is the one in the primary lodge region and is normally the most affordable choice. Business class seating at whatever point accessible will in general feature component seats with extra seating space that can lean back farther, with more room to stretch out, and furthermore overhauled dinner administration. Business class tickets cost much more than Economy Class ones however not exactly the same as first class tickets. Top of the line seating is generally located closest to the airplane front. It has the least and the most comfortable seats, and gives every one of its passengers admittance to lavish meals. Different advantages include shorter lines at registration, utilization of carrier's business lounge at the air terminal, and a lot more. Fort class tickets are consistently the costliest and aren't available on all airplanes.

What types of flights are available?
Non-stop flights: No changing of planes before the final destination.
Stops but no change of plane flights: At max 2 landing and departures for refueling or other stuff that is not necessarily disclosed at the time of booking.
Connecting flights: More than one landing and departure. You will have to disembark from the plane and then hop on to another flight.

What documents are needed to get through security check at the airport?
You can board a domestic flight with a Boarding Pass, government or state-issued photo ID like a passport or a driver’s license and a copy of your trip details. For all air travel outside the United States, carrying a valid passport is mandatory. Some countries might also require a visa for permitting entry in addition to the passport.

Will I need to reconfirm my flight?
Yes. For international flights you will need to reconfirm 72 hours in advance while for domestic flights about 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure by calling the Airline customer service directly. Do make them check for any schedule change in their flight plan. Regardless of the fact that the tickets have been issued to you or not, Airlines also reserve the right to cancel a booking if bookings have not been reconfirmed.