Privacy Policy

The security and privacy of your personal information is of utmost importance to us. To ensure that you trust us, we have set it on a high priority. We would request you to please go through this privacy policy document for a detailed insight into our privacy practices. By visiting this website, you are also accepting the practices that have been enlisted here.

Personal Information Details As-Is Collected By Us

  • We normally store any snippet of data that you enter while utilizing our site or what you give us by means of some other medium. This incorporates all that data that can be utilized to recognize you, for example, your first and last name, your phone number, and postal address just as email address, payment data and any other relevant details. We may likewise demand for data identified with your lodging inclination, frequent flyer details and vehicle rental program subtleties. You can simultaneously decide not to give a few or all of such data to us, anyway, as a rule, a few snippets of data about you will be required for you to enlist with us as a part, for booking, to finish an explorer profile, to take an interest in a review or challenge or sweepstakes, or for approaching us for some inquiry or for starting different exchanges by means of our site.
  • At the point when you place in a booking for another person through this site, we will demand for individual data and travel requirements for that individual(s). You ought to likewise get the assent from them before giving us their own data just like travel preferences, as any admittance to see or alter their data will be available through your record as it were.
  • We may acquire both individual and non-individual data about you occasionally from colleagues, subsidiary companies and other free sources to add to our record subtleties. Instances of data that we may get include: refreshed conveyance and address data, buying history just as segment data. Contingent upon your security settings and that of your companions, we may utilize data that you provide us and share it with some web-based social media supplier concerning your separate area to provide relevant content based on your choices.
  • We gather some data naturally about your PC at whatever points you visit this site. For example, we will gather your IP address, insights concerning the Internet browser, and about the diverting site. We may likewise gather data about your online action patterns, for example, all the outings you made and the appointments done along these lines. Our purpose for gathering these data is to make your shopping experience better and for preventing any fraud.

Your Personal Information- How We Use it

  • We utilize sensitive payment data like cardholder name, CC number and lapse date for executing the travel reservations that you make over our site. We utilize different insights regarding you for the following purposes: to give you items and administrations that you demand for so as to give you travel affirmation and different updates, to successfully deal with your record that incorporates preparing bills and giving warnings identified with movement, to discuss by and large with you, to react to your inquiries just as remarks, to process enthusiasm for and to improve our items, administrations and site, for advising you about extraordinary offers and items or suggestions that could hold any importance to you, or to in any case alter your utilization of this site, for compensating you as a major aspect of any such program that you decide to join, to look for data from you, which incorporates reviews, for settling debates, gather expenses or to investigate issues, for forestalling possibly disallowed/criminal activities, to uphold Terms and Conditions set out by us, and furthermore as in any case has been portrayed to you at the assortment point.
  • We endeavor to make it simpler for you to take advantage of movement-related offers over our site. One of our methods to do this is by sending over email messages to you, which may contain data identified with your movement related interests. For example, on the off chance that you searched for trip to Seattle on our site and have saved your schedule subtleties or in any case not booked your movement up 'til now, we may send you a message through email for reminding you about your spared travel agenda or about an exceptional airfare deal to Seattle. We accept that these email messages will outfit you with valuable data with respect to travel-related extraordinary offers that are accessible by means of our site. Kindly note that you will have the option not to get these email messages sent by us.

With whom are your details shared

  • Providers of services, for example, air carriers and vehicle rental organizations, who might satisfy your movement related requirements. All through this site, all services given by a free provider have been depicted accordingly. By reserving spot through this site, you likewise approve us to reveal to our providers the data that is required for completing the booking and provide related travel. These providers are not controlled by TravelReImagine and individual data that is revealed to them is exposed to relevant provider's protection strategy and other security policies. Thus, we would urge you to audit the privacy policy (ies) of any travel provider whose items you buy by means of this site.
  • Independent service providers who offer types of assistance/capacities for our benefit, like CC handling, client service, business analysis, conducting surveys, marketing and extortion prevention. We may likewise allow independent merchants for gathering subtleties for our benefit, as would be important to enhance the features of our website or for encouraging the internet agencies to send customized advertisements according to your preferences. These independent sellers have consented to and may gather essential data only when it is needed to perform their duty and are not permitted to share or utilize the equivalent for any other purposes. They additionally need to follow a similar arrangement of data security measures that we follow.
  • Our business partners with whom we may offer products or services under a single banner, or whose products and/or services may be offered by means of our website. But you can always make out when an independent organization is associated with a product/service that you have asked for because their name will always be visible either along with our brand name or independently. If you wish to take advantage of these services that are completely optional, we may share your personal details with them. Please keep in mind that we don’t control the privacy measures of these independent service providers.
  • If you have landed on our website through some other website then we may share your details with them. We have not formulated any limitation on the referring websites’ usage of your personal information and we would advise you to review their privacy policies in advance.
  • We may provide your personal information to our corporate associates at whatever point the prerequisite for the same emerges. This sharing additionally empowers us to give you all fundamental data viewing items like services, both identified with travel and to the ones that are not, which may be important to you. To the degree that our organization and corporate partners reserve the privilege to admittance to your data, they will follow every one of those practices that are at any point as limiting as the practices as have been portrayed in this archive. They additionally will be in adherence with all relevant laws that oversee transmission of limited time connections and give you the choice in any business email to quit from all messages later on.

We also may share your information under the following circumstances

  • In case of any legal obligations like summons or court orders, for defending ourselves against any legal claims or as is otherwise required by the law. In such cases we would have the sole right to raise/waive off any legal objection/right that is provided to us.
  • At the point when we believe that it will be suitable to start examination, forestall or make a move in regards to illicit/suspected criminal operations; for ensuring and guarding the rights, property or security of our organization or this very site, our clients or others and as per our Terms and Conditions and other bound arrangements.
  • Regarding some corporate exchange, for example, merger, divestiture, combination or offer of benefit or in the improbable insolvency event.
  • Other than what is portrayed above you will be given prompts when individual insights concerning you are being shared to autonomous institutions, and you will have the option not to have us uncover or offer such data.
  • We may likewise share unknown or total data to autonomous organizations, including publicists and financial partners. For example, we may tell our promoters the complete number of guests that generally visit our site or the most popular inns and vacation spots. This data doesn't contain any private info and is just used to create content and provide different services that might be of some significance to you.

Other Privacy Details You Should Know

If you click on third party links while using TravelReImagine Service, please note in that case you will be re-routed to some other organization’s website, mobile application or service. Except as agreed initially, we will not reveal your personal info with any of these third parties, and are not responsible for their respective privacy practices. We would always encourage you to read their privacy policies as they may be very different from Privacy Policy of this website. The responsibility of maintaining the secrecy of your account details lies solely with you.

We additionally maintain all authority to change or supplement this Protection policy document now and anytime in the future whenever the need arises to make corrections to it. Any sort of changes in the manner we utilize your own data will be referenced in future forms of this record. In the event that any proposed change happens to be unsatisfactory to you, you may demand to eliminate your own data from our records.

Exception Policy

U.S. military customers, senior citizens, patrons in the age bracket of 16-25 or those affected by bereavement, people with disabilities or severe illness may receive a discount after cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees under this policy, as detailed here:

Category Eligibility requirements Service Fees Discounts provide under the EP policy
U.S Military Personnel Military e-mail address is mandatory 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
Customers directly affected by natural disasters. Natural disasters are taken as major adverse events resulting from the natural processes of Earth (e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.) 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
Bereavement (Immediate family – children, siblings, parents and grandparents) Letter from the funeral home should be provided 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
Senior citizens (> 65 years) Driver’s license or state issued photo ID required 100% discount off cancellation and refund fees 50% discount off ticket change fees.
Youth (between 16 and 25 years of age) Driver’s license or state issued photo ID required 25% discount off ticket change fees
Customers with disabilities Doctor’s Note 100% discount off cancellation, 50% discount off refund or ticket change fees.
Customers with terminal illness Doctor’s Note 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change fees.