Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

This Terms & Conditions Agreement states the terms and conditions for your (visitor’s) use of this Website. You must be at least 18 years old in order to complete any transaction on this Website. If you use this Website, you acknowledge and agree to accept these Terms & Conditions in full whether or not you complete your purchase on this Website or through phone, email, or other modes. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ANY PART OF THIS TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT, YOU MUST STOP USING THIS WEBSITE IMMEDIATELY.

General Terms of Use

The products and services on this Website will only be made available to customers after the realization of payment before the flight’s scheduled departure. If the payment is made by check, the tickets will only be delivered after the payment clears the bank and is received by us.

• We, TravelReImagine, reserve the right at any time and due to any reason:

  • • To cancel a reservation prior to the departure date, and if the same happens, the company’s liability would be limited to refunding the money paid by the Traveler towards the ticket.
  • • To change, modify or withdraw any tour or facility that has been advertised by us. The company would not be accountable for providing any reimbursement or additional expense or consequential loss suffered by the Traveler/Group.

• Only the company and no one else would have the right to add, modify or waive off any representation, description and Terms set forth on this page, in our brochure, or other terms of use regarding tour being booked by the Traveler authorized by the company. If the company decides to exercise its right to amend or modify any tour as is advertised in its brochure or in any other media after such reservations have been made the Traveler shall be entitled:

  • • To accept tour as amended or modified.
  • • To accept any alternative trip or tour that we may offer. The Website in neither of the aforesaid cases would hold accountability to the Traveler/Group for any damage, loss or additional expenses being suffered by the Traveler/Group.

• We will hold no accountability to the Traveler/Group for:

  • • Any accident, death, personal injury, sickness, delay, higher expense, or consequential loss or damage by any misadventure or similar reason.
  • • Fault of any air carrier, travel service supplier or any servant/agent employed by the supplier who may be responsible for any facility to the Traveler/Group howsoever caused. Herein, the term “howsoever caused” also includes negligence on the role of any involved person.

• We will have no liability arising via any means out of this terms of use document with regards to any travel arrangement surpass the total paid amount or agreed to be paid for making the tour, tour element or excursion, and in no circumstances shall include any consequential damage or additional expense whatsoever.

• The flight fares as have been quoted in our Website, company brochure(s)/quotation are in USD or its equivalent in foreign currency. TravelReImagine reserves the right to change or modify these costs in case of currency fluctuation and/or changes in various exchange rates and/or fuel costs before the departure and to the surcharge in view of that. All such price hikes must be fully paid for whenever the same arise.

• TravelReImagine declares that carrying all the valid travel documents such as passport and Visa till the tour ends will be the liability of the Traveler/Group. In case any travel-related document like visa has refused, expired or canceled by the authorities, the tour participant (passenger) would have to meet all the possibilities arising therefrom and to meet all expenses momentous thereto.

• The Ticket Cost displayed on our Website does not include Insurance Premium cost. The Traveler/Group would have to make payment towards any such premium costs themselves.

• All tour programs as well as tour elements are bound by laws, rules and regulations throughout the tour. TravelReImagine would have no responsibility in regards to any condition that is brought about by such laws, or due to the act of God.

• In case of a complaint (from the passenger or on the behalf of other passengers of the Group who submitted the same via the former) in connection with or due to the tour, we must receive that in writing within 21 days from the tour end date. No claim or complaint of any sort made thereafter shall be entertained under any circumstance. No separate complaint of the passengers traveling with the Group shall be considered directly and thus the same must be made by only that Traveler who is acting to be the leader of the entire Group.

• We will not be liable to any passenger for reimbursement, compensation or even claim for reducing number of tour days or for postponement, flight cancellation or re-routing due to some reason such as fog. Please note that the policy in regards to cancellation charges/refund would be applicable.


If we notice any sign of fraud, abuse or any suspicious activity on your account with us, we may cancel any travel/service reservation(s) that is associated with your name, email ID or account, and may close any associated TravelReImagine accounts. We hold the right to start appropriate legal action as may be necessary if you have carried out any fraudulent activity and you may have to pay a monetary fine to TravelreImagine that could incorporate any litigation costs and damages. To challenge the cancellation of booking/freezing/closure of your account, you shall contact TravelreImagine customer service or write to us at care@TravelreImagine.com.

The texts, images and information used on our Website (which includes, but is not limited to cost as well as the availability of flights) and the infrastructure utilized to present such details is either proprietary to us or our affiliates or suppliers. While you are authorized to make your travel itinerary’s copies in limited number, for flight reservations made through this Website you also acknowledge and agree not to copy, edit, transmit, distribute, display, publish, license, transfer or sell any information, products or services and software obtained via www.TravelReImagine.com. Additionally, you also agree not to:

  • • Use TravelReImagine or its content for commercial purpose
  • • Make any tentative, false or deceptive flight reservation
  • • Access or copy any content or information of this site by using any automated device or manual method for any particular purpose without written authorization from us
  • • Violate the terms of TravelReImagine or try to bypass other measures to put off/limit this Website’s access for other users
  • • Perform any activity that may or does impose, in our discretion, some significantly high load over our infrastructure
  • • Deeply link any part of our Website (that includes, without any restriction, the path of purchase for any travel service(s)) for any function without our permission
  • • Use any part of this Website into another Website without obtaining our authorization

In case of dispute

TravelReImagine is dedicated to delivering the utmost customer satisfaction every single time. Therefore, if you have any queries or concerns related to the content on our Website or our products or services, we will look into them for you at the earliest. By dealing with us, you agree to offer us the first opportunity to resolve any dispute or claim regarding the Website, behavior of our representatives, any service or product provided by us, any kind of representation being made by us, or with our Privacy Policy document, by contacting TravelreImagine Customer Service division. If we fail to resolve your claims within the deadline, you may seek out relief through mediation or in small claims court, as have been set forth in the following section:

Every Claim shall be determined by a binding mediation instead of in court, apart from when you state claim on an individually in court for small claims if they qualify for the same. This includes any claim you assert against TravelReImagine, its partners or service providers with any company that offers products or services through its Website. Furthermore, this includes any claim that arose before you agreed and accepted the listed Terms & Conditions, despite the fact if prior versions of these terms required mediation or not.

No judge or jury is needed in the mediation, and a court review of the mediation award is not required. Nevertheless, a mediator can award the damages and respite on an individual basis as the court itself, and must abide by as well as enforce these Terms of Use just as a court would.

The mediations must always be conducted by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) under its own set of rules, which also comprise the AAA Consumer Rules. Costs and payments of all filing, administration and mediator fees and charges will be stated by the AAA's rules, except as provided in this section. You may choose to attend the mediation over the phone based on written submissions or in person within the state where you reside or at some other agreed upon location.

All proceedings made to fix or settle claims must be conducted on an individual basis and not as a class, consolidated or delegate act. The Federal Arbitration Act & federal mediation law does apply to this agreement. Mediation decision may be confirmed and verified by any court of law that holds competent jurisdiction.

Any rights not granted or included in this Terms & Conditions document are reserved by TravelReImagine.

TravelReImagine Fees

Along with airlines and travel supplier's costs and fees, TravelReImagine may charge an added service fee as has been explained below. Please note that TravelreImagine fees are non-refundable and charged on a per-person or per-ticket basis.

TravelReImagine Fees Apply To Fee for Online Booking Contact Centre Booking Fee Amount
Flight Booking Fees*(per passenger) . All Economy/ Coach
All Business/First
$0 to $50
$0 to $100
(Based on Ticket Price)
Booking Fee may be high as compared to Online Bookings

TravelReImagine Post Ticketing Fees

Fees Applicable for Services Fees per Ticket
Agent-assisted Cancellation For flight cancellation within 4 Hours of booking and before Midnight of the booking date. Free
For flight cancellation after 4 hours of booking (but before Midnight) $20
For flight cancellation after Midnight and within the day of booking (USA Web-sites Only) $25

Cancellation Fees & Refunds (After 24 hrs)

Economy Class Business/First Class
Domestic International Domestic International
Agent- Assisted Cancellation/Future Credit $40 $45 $80 $90
Agent- Assisted Cancellation w/Refund $90 $200 $225 $250

Change Fees to Existing Booked Tickets (exchange)

Within 4 hours of flight booking $20 $40 $40 $50
Within 10 days of fresh flight departure date1 $125 $225 $225 $250
After 10 days of flight departure date2 $90 $180 $200 $225

Other Special Services

Refund assisted by our call center agent or assistance with attaining an Impending Airline Credit Pending for any of reasons noted 3 (we only charge service fees upon success, but do not include airline fees) Misspelling in Traveler’s Name $40
Services related to Visa/Passport $40
Baggage-Related Services $20
No-Show $20
Denied Boarding $20
Duplicate Booking $20

TravelReImagine under its Compassion Exception Policy (CEP) offers Special Discounts. Our CEP Policy covers Senior Citizens (over 64 years), Military, Youth (16 years to 25 years of age), Natural Disasters, terminally ill Bereavement and people with Disabilities.

Airline Refunds and Future Credits vary from airline to airline and depend upon airfare rules, policies and procedures.

Service fees will automatically be converted into your local currency on the payment page.

Passenger types = Adult, child, senior, infant, student, military.

All post-ticketing service fees as mentioned above are subject to change without any advance notice and are non-refundable. TravelReImagine fees, extra fares collected, and other fees are in addition to airline fees and other charges.

You will be liable to pay only the final amount. Government imposed taxes and fees are subject to change without prior notice and you will be charged the final price as provided.

Most of the air tickets on TravelReImagine are non-refundable. You get the refunds credited if our associated Travel Suppliers' fare rules allow for cancellation and refunds. The request must be acknowledged and accepted from our end and you must not be a "no show" on flight (most "no show" bookings disqualify for any waiver from suppliers for refund processing).

Special Services will be available only on a Request Basis and remain subject to each air carrier’s review and approval process.

Name Misspelling is when travelers name on their air tickets do not matches with their passport or other valid and accepted government ID.

Visa/Passport decline letter shall be presented to process a refund request.

Baggage receipts and baggage tags shall always be kept handy.

No- Show reason shall be supported with documents to prove why you were not able to make scheduled departure.

Denied Boarding case requires documents stating the reason of denied boarding of your scheduled departure.

Duplicate Tickets (copies of all tickets, reflecting the exact same itineraries booked with us) is mandatory in order to process a refund request.

Note: Service fees charges are subject to change without any advance notice. YOU WILL BE LIABLE TO MAKE A PAYMENT FOR THE LAST TOTAL PRICE AS QUOTED IRRESPECTIVE OF ANY CHANGES OR CHANGE IN THE SERVICE FEES. Always check the final price carefully.

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